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By Aksels Bruks

Golf Clayderman is a Latvian society with 'unlimited responsibility for fashion, art and sport'. Here, one creative mastermind behind the project, Aksels Bruks, speaks about his life, inspiration and dreams.

It was March of 2005 when I first saw him.

I have many friends, parties to be and see and I am always invited. I remember back in 2005 I wore a white art smock by Little Tic Tac to the grand opening of maxima sponsored by Sony, Volkswagen and Mars. I didn’t sleep all night because I was watching music videos on YouTube.

I was on the red carpet. Please, no photos, no photos today. It was then and there that I decided to smoke some weed and chill.

As I was about to roll a joint, a car pulled over. Immediately I couldn't help but wonder- Who sits in the front seat?

I was sitting next to him, he was one year older. He was studying physics. He had a car, a birthday suit, a beautiful smile and a strong presence.

He parked in the forest near my country home. He rolled a joint. We smoked. I got completely high. After the first hit, I thought I could never move.

A lot of time passed and Ivan turned on the radio. Bum bum bum, fun music was playing. I felt a fly land on my left hand, I felt it walking, I felt it jumping. Non stop everything was uncertain. Circumstances were changing all the time. The moments that came before was already forgotten. I started to feel heat. My hand started to burn.


Oh no, was my hand on fire? Did I put it in the ashtray? There was no ashtray. I turned my head, to see a roasted fly. There was no fly. There was my left hand and on it another. Another unfamiliar hand. It was a dark hand with tall fingers that gently rested on mine. I saw pink nails, soft, silk skin with light sun- faded hair. It was a strong hand, also elegant and graceful. It was his hand. It was Ivans hand. The car was a hot box.

When you’re high different things happen, maybe this was different? I started to wonder, where am I? I was in the car. Is he too high to notice where his extremities go? I had no clue, also I couldn’t ask, my mouth was as dry as the dry valley. I couldn’t look him in the eye.

More than a million years passed and everything had to be started from scratch. Before didn’t exist and the future wasn’t yet. Then I suddenly realised or remembered that I really like him. I turned my head to the left and slowly leaned towards his face. He wasn't smiling, neither was I. For a very long time we kissed. I laid back in my seat.

I respect you very, very, much, but more than I respect you, much, much more I love you. And these feelings, they are so beautiful.

Ivan, everyday I write about you in my diary. And everyday I paint a picture of you. I bought colors. Love colors. I am Pikaso. Hey, little lover! It is me, your duke. I paint our family’s portrait. Our children, the sun, the trees, the grass, the water and our house. I paint every word of love. I paint all our dreams. I made something that's real, to show you how I feel.

Finally love has arrived. I can see in his face there is a lot he can teach me, I trust in him, he won’t let me down. I care for him. His smile, and the sound of his voice and the way he sees through me. He means the world to me, I can't conceal it, can you feel it? Don’t you feel it? Well, I do. I found him at last, I love him.

The time spent together is the most important time.