By Molly Feeling

I am a mortal portal
Living in a lemon myrtle
I burn a soil coil
In the land of blood and water
I hear a distant fish net
Floating on a giant turtle
I eat the milk and honey
From an earthern potted curdle
I strain to sit and listen
On my waist I wear a girdle
I break beneath the burden
Of pain and beasts and fervour
I yearn to love and worship
Be a saint among the herded
I lift a baby body
From my soul when it is crowded
I think a small town thought
When the light becomes too shrouded
I feel my death is coming
And to this my life is moulded
I mind a moment passing
All time is ever folding
I look inside a tunnel
At the darkness I am holding
I am the water shining
Over bells and buildings flowing
I rain upon the flowers
Of emptiness and knowing
I ring a gonging note
To this space I lay down bowing
I sing out to the cosmos
And the stars begin their showering
I walk upon the night street
To meet the ancient power
I love the faces sleeping
And bless this holy hour
I kiss the dawn that's drenching
Every eye and cloud and corner
I taste the dew that's melting
Off the blood from which we're born of
I am a river shiver
On the surface of a mirror
I drink the ripple tripled
And behold the moonmilk shimmer