Navigating life through fields of loving discernment: mapping future pathways within

By Amir Tatai

Creating your own personal toolkit made up of metacognitive strategies can aid all in how we approach our world. Taking the time to reflect on our values and whether we are truly in alignment with these will provide the starting point. 

The greatest warriors contemplate their next move for seasons before taking the first step. 

The frameworks and paradigms we are born into dominate our landscapes constantly and thus, to avoid living someone else’s dream, stopping and asking your self what you truly love is a great way to begin. Formulating plans and anticipating various roadblocks and challenges along the way requires solutions to potentially complex scenarios that might play out. Arming yourself with various ways of handling these situations, metacognitive strategies, gives you the best chance to achieve success. 

Is success what you’re after? Why? Who’s going to pat you on the back and put your name in lights for this? If the answer is yourself then, right on. Live your dreams. If your dreams turn out to be someone else’s, prioritise yours. 

What are your dreams? What makes you smile the most when you think about it? That’s the one. Can you see it? Generally learning how to love yourself will need to take priority for this dream to manifest. 

Your life will fall to pieces if you try otherwise. It has all the times I’ve tried anyways. If you can take this love and create a lens through which to view the world then the next part will be a joy. This is where those strategies come in. Through giving yourself a framework with which to view the world, you create a buffer zone that slows down your responses and lets your mind take the emotional reigns. 

If you love all life for the experience of it, what you can learn from it, if you choose to pause and reflect, life can become a school. Not a school with the social and emotional traumatic encounters elicited when the word springs to mind, but an ideal school. Your ideal school. A place, for me, that exists in the bustle and stillness of everyday life. 

One powerful metacognitive strategy is to reflect on the relationships that exist between your ideal student, teacher and parent. These three archetypes can provide the foundations from which all interactions might be more constructively resolved. We all play these roles interchangeably throughout our lives. If we don’t know and want to learn, we are the student. When the student is ready, an ideal teacher appears who is willing to take the student on a journey. And when we look for support, a parent will ideally be there to nurture and love unconditionally. Thinking about these relationships is a tool. One I feel will help focus societies and provide a strong underpinning for all. 

Other simple mantras or associations which remind us of those loves in our life can help to realign and focus our energies constructively for altruistic benefit when viewed through that lens of unconditional love. You can remain neutral through love. Neutrality brings us out of the polarity paradigm, reducing drama to that love and happiness we are striving for. 

 Artistic expression is vital to every human if we as a species are going to thrive. But it’s all up to you. Always will be. Nothing anyone tells you will suffice because if it doesn’t all come from you, if you’re not doing anything because you love it then there will be issues. You will always have your battles. Battles with your relationship to life and all of it’s essences. I don’t know if I’m going to make it sometimes. But I try. 

I try because I know you can measure success through being the gymnast when they fall off the horse. Through arming yourself for battle with simple rituals, you will ensure that you can choose your next move with confidence. A lil’ loving discernment can go a long way. As Bobby D puts it: ‘Know your song well before you start singing’…