By Jessica Cassidy


  The swans got the sherrin runnin around the right rooter tippit's tippin into the midfield n parkers taking a break next to the carlton goals jeeesus close call from dwano chewing up the insides shaking around the air midpoint speckie almost got chucked out the spewhole run over sideshooting nice muscle backing back shit shornos taking a huck ova pie in the grandstand anticipation is high tonight boys

At home watching the footy sinkin a tin adjusting couch cushions kids just gone to bed takeaways for dinner pad thai chicken curry sweethearts gone to bookclub oh no back she comes shes unlocking the front door putting down her bag now gaining speed the hallway heels cloppin 

pyke dodges goes under mckackys left pit spins over onto his right bicep mccaw mcgavin mcilroy shoulda coulda got the ball woulda had wooda not thwarted the catcher on the back pocket fulla slippery marks but now comes big macca leaving the mark still leaving the mark more leaves than a tree jees that boys showin us his colours tonight now the caws coming up to the fifty dodges a shave from the coastal short hair

How the ladies like the hummingbird none beats yours sure of that much what book you talking bout oh yeah didn’t they make that movie out of that it scared the absolute jeesus out of you beach house gone girl scary stuff yeah yeah kids in bed homework teeth brushed two books puters shut lights off come here gissa kiss oh what a mark youre a bloody genius murphy! 

We're seeing a lot of bravery here tonight what courage from the backline what camaraderie immaculate marksmen and manly grace from murphy barking like a dog to the beautiful white line richards rogers the pass to destroy his fathers legacy but never looked better in the red and white ill bet my last piney the ladies are drooling tonight fellas

Bit late to aftercare but they had vegemite toast arvo tea yes made sure lactose free lunchbox shit mckerrigan what a roost! jane got a PB at the swim meet was beaming sarvo and I couldnt get time off for PTs but spoke to dad about using the boat letter from you from the ATO debts are low think we should look into getting our own did you hear back from merl about the weekend was thinking we should invite the hilldogs 

Come on take a joke all in the name of a laugh just having a laugh all in good spirits I love the ladies I love the ladies goodes gets the ball runs and passes to mcgravy from carlton got him with a right hand slips like butter off the side of a chicken drops it but scoops it up passes it to goodes goodes goes for the goal goes for the full box goodes takes a tumble back up kicks and scores! his first goal in the second term of the swans 60 point win

Some in the fridge for you if youre still hungry pad thai chicken curry jees what is goodesy on about come and check this out darl looks like some kind of hukka yea theres bit of rice in there too heat it up come sit down n watch this with me