Medics under scrutiny, Darwin

By Jacob Redman

Yuwa yuwa yuwa, I love those mangy dogs. They sleep in my bed, no one comes inside. I don’t trust those stupid doctors, I know what’s wrong myself, not them. I pray and I know inside that I am right. I’m from the desert, not from here. Don’t speak to me like a boy, don’t tell me what to do. I’m waiting for too long, I’m a sick man you see. They should respect me, listen to what I say. I’m not Chinese or a white man, I just want to be home. 

People used to ask me why I keep those mangy dogs. I love them, I give them good food. They used to follow me everywhere, go home you mangy dog. They used to sleep in my bed and no one would go near them. I’d like to thank Jesus and the holy ghost. I know the truth, not them. I’ll have egg, toast, cheese and bring me cool drink and some sauce for taste. I’m not from here. Bring me cup of tea and my cigarettes. You speak to the river in language before you swim. When I get my gun licence, we’ll go hunting. Kangaroo, emu, goanna. Bring me sandwich. Bring me cool drink. I want to get Elvis live in concert. DVD. I can’t walk I’m a sick man. Oi are you awake or lowa? Give me smoke. We’re going to church on Sunday. Speak with family on Monday. Jesus Jesus Jesus. I’ve been waiting too long. These doctors are no good. Turn it down I’m sleeping. Give me the remote. Bring me cake with fruit and cream. It’s good for me. It’s good for taste. Yeah I’m right. Muchu.


Translations from Wilpiri.

Muchu- good, Yuwa – yes, Lowa- no.