Football, Football, Football..

By Phoebe Cannard-Higgins

Image: Darcy Rankin

Image: Darcy Rankin

Football. Football, Football. 
You ol’ bag ‘o’ bones & muscles & torn ligaments,
 I swear i never heard the word used so much
It’s been a good yr for us. 
   u and me,
 the introduction of the women’s league
u tryin to win me back?
remember the time Collingwood and St Kilda drew,
And you ruined my 21st? 
‘bags ‘o’ bones hunched over a 2010 TV screen
  instead of singin me ‘appy Birday, 
Never mind I forgave you, but not your wif
 with black paint under er fingernails, shufflin’ sausages
‘it’s his favourite player’
 My daughter liftin’ up a plastic dreadlock, 

Where’s her friend gone? 

i almost thought i was thru with you and your pulled hammy, 
but then you showed up one last time, dragging us together on a windy day
clink clink, carn the doggies.

I’ll give you one more year.