Concern about gender inequality on Victorian music festival line-up sparks intellectual debate

By Facebook Users Anon

no female musician on a lineup of 16 bands? that is disgusting!
poor effort

no trans persons either
Is the promotor a bigot
or just narrow minded?

found the fuckwit
watch out boys hes witty
don't cry over spilt milk ffs
best comment

good man for calling it
pretty shit effort, too bad no one else here thinks it matters
you guys ever think that maybe its got nothing to do with gender but just talent? 

no, you're wrong, the guys all got together around a large table with a banner over the top of them that says FUCK WOMEN and they plotted against females to deliver this RIDICULOUS LINE UP

frankly I am offended
is this a meritocracy or am I just a straight white male with privileges

so basically your claim is that men just make better music
ur all a bunch of uncouth troglodytes

wouldn't it be nice to have this kind of conversation where people don't immediately start ridiculing and attacking each other? 

~~in an ideal world ~~
and not one single Aboriginal
all the cockroaches really come out of the woodwork to give their opinion on this one
nice work by the festival to totally avoid commenting and responsibility
butt hurt feminist

please continue commenting we are all dying to hear what you think about the music industry
these comments are the reason more people don't have this conversation irl
the line up is not diverse enough

if you think diversity in music festival line ups isn't important it might be because you're lucky enough to see people like yourself represented 

dunno about you, but I no I would much rather muzz out to Flume's Smoke and Retribution than listen to some shitty mix made by DJ Tigerlily
hahahahahahah yessss
Who gives a shit they're all good

who would be cooking the food if chix were playing all the music? lol

An unconscious bias is still a bias
festivals have an opportunity to makes things better or be part of the problem
Maybe so but when the industry is made up of 80% male acts how can you justify a 50/50 line up? 
the promoters for this festival shouldn't be shamed for this
is it actually unreasonable? 

the line-up isn't even 20% female
is it?

its an industry-wide problem
every event producer has the responsibility to showcase female artists thats how change happens
they should be booking women who are talented not just any woman on "the off chance she's good"

the only inequality left in the west is wealth and even then a meritocratic society allows people to increase their wealth

you want a society whereby positions are not earned, but are handed out to represent population dynamics. read 1984 and GTFO.

as if there are no female artists touring right now! As if DJ Tigerlily is fair representation of all female artists currently working! gosh

who the fuck cares. shut the fuck up. stop looking into details so much and just enjoy the fact that Canberra has something great coming up

coz Canberra people need something to winge about so they can sit on there computers and feel like they are doing somthing with there day people will find the bad in everything its just in there blood 

bet your a fucking vegan aswell

hahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahaha

all the female artists are working the food stalls
maybe females should get better so they get gigs

im pretty sure the people going will care more about good music than if the artists have vaginas. music festival lineups are a gendered issue now what the fuck

this guy got 99 problems and a bitch is every single one of them

you have zero clue what you are talking about and this is the dumbest post I will read today

pick your act up women

y dont you do something a little more constructive and list the artists youd like to see instead of just wanting more vagina on the lineup for the sake of more vagina?!

all the fucking idiotic men on here. gender bias in music is a thing, look it up
yeah but only because there's no such thing as a good female musician

have a cry cunt


Image: Ben Minkley

Image: Ben Minkley