Search for missing thief continues

Image: Sarah Hall

Image: Sarah Hall

By Rain Cloud

What does it mean when the thief goes missing. 

The servants of justice are quick to assert that the thief has succumbed to obedience, but this is not what actually happened. 

The thief is still missing and the subcultures scramble to locate her. Any transgression into the underworld would be irresponsible, so I have traced the archives of CCTV cameras, and raised my findings towards an idea.

The evening began with two thieves. The cameras trace their movements across the square of the Capitol and into a convenience store where they searched for ice cream. They stood at the freezer and set their hounds and wolves on the flavours they did not want. Salted Caramel, Hokey Pokey, Boysenberry Swirl. As time passed their selections were made and they retreated out of the store without paying.

The two thieves were heading past the cinema and in a moment of miscalculation decided to sit in on a silent film and snuck in past the ticket checker. Seats were not allocated at this cinema. So as the thieves were late, the cinemagoers had collectively chosen their seats through act of leaving two empty. 

The silence was the only living force inside the theatre and quickly moved to consume the thieves. They didn’t need to say anything; they both knew what was wrong. 

Cautiously their jaws approached the ice creams. 

CCTV footage tells us that the cinemagoers continued to stare at the screen. What it does not tell us is that their concentration began to converge on the two thieves. The chairs in the theatre turned to sand and waves of mint ice cream crashed down on top of them. 

One of the thieves was quick to act. Like ripping off a Band-Aid she engulfed her ice cream in the moment between two thoughts. A violent tremor befell the cinema, then it returned to silence. 

This is the point at which the theories diverge, where the debate finds its genesis. The subcultures are searching in vain to find the missing thief somewhere in space-time. But I will not look for where she has gone, I will look for what she has become.  

She is still holding her icecream. She has swallowed her courage. Her uncertainty allows the silence in the cinema to stabilize and it is in this silence that I believe the thief is still lost. 

The silence is no longer the absence of sound. The silence has become the noise of everything that is not sound. The shouting of a chair being a chair. For the very first time the thief understands that which it is not; the not-thief. 

A tension now separates the two thieves, their notorious harmony. The missing thief mispronounces all the things not yet stolen and becomes occupied by the non-thieves.

The cone appears to hover in the cinema. The ice cream slowly melts down her hand. It demands so much from the thief. She places an amount of ice cream in her mouth and allows it to sit there and melt completely. It trickles down her throat in the silence that accommodates the room. This process repeats itself unceasingly.

The thief is no longer aware of the film playing. Time has stopped and the Cone has become her existence. A mouth appears on the outside of the cone and begins to speak to the thief.